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Navigating Your Finances, Your Way.

Your Partner in Business,
Wealth Creation, and Life.
About Us

At Accord, we have transcended the traditional role of the accountant, emerging as the trusted personal advisor for our clients for all aspects of their financial decision-making. Our holistic, all-in-one approach leverages generations of expertise to achieve exceptional outcomes for our private family groups and small to medium-sized businesses. 


We work diligently to illuminate your financial pathway with a bespoke, strategic blueprint, working with and guiding you through all your financial decisions to make your aspirations a reality.

Our Services

Your financial details are more than just numbers, they’re the chapters of your unique financial narrative. With 'My Accounting,' we help you navigate your story with precision and clarity, making sense of every element in your financial landscape.


'My Taxation' transforms the often complex world of taxes into a strategic tool for your financial growth. We create a tax landscape that's not just compliant, but optimised to work for you, turning obligations into opportunities.


Running a business is a personal journey and 'My Business' is here to ensure it's a victorious one. We provide robust strategies and advice to enhance performance, drive growth and ultimately, shape your enterprise success story.


‘My Super’ empowers you with our guiding hand to be the captain of your very own super fund to take control of your own wealth creation in both the pre and post-retirement phases of your life’s journey. With ‘My Super’, you steer the ship, and we fine-tune the sails to ensure you have the retirement you’ve always envisioned.


Wealth isn’t just about having resources, it’s about making them work for you. 'My Wealth' strategically amplifies your resources, guiding you to use your wealth as a tool for further financial growth.


With 'My Succession,' you're crafting a legacy that transcends generations. We provide a comprehensive approach to succession planning, ensuring your wealth and values are smoothly transferred to the next generation, creating a lasting legacy.

Our Clients
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